North of England hit by 3.9 magnitude quake

North of England hit by 3.9 magnitude quake

The BGS said the 3.9 magnitude quake was felt in the north east and north of Lincolnshire, Kingston-upon-Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire at 11.14pm on Saturday.

It was centred near Grimsby and had a depth of 11 miles.

One Twitter user in Hull said Our house moved and the furniture shifted, while another wrote (It would) only have lasted seconds but scary nonetheless.

The event 9/6/18 at 2214 UTC magnitude 3.9 is the largest in the area since the #MarketRasen event on 27/2/08 at magnitude 5.2, approx. 90 times larger this recent event. It was located approx. 30 km to the north-east of the Market Rasen earthquake.

There are also reports of the tremor having being felt as far away as Nuneaton, where one resident described it as really small, like little shake for about three seconds.

Grimsby residents told the Grimsby Telegraph that the shaking lasted between three and five seconds.

The quake is the largest in the area since Market Rasen’s 5.2 event in 2008.

The largest earthquake this year took place in Cwmllynfell in south Wales on 17 February with a magnitude of 4.6.

The BGS said that earthquakes of this size happen approximately every two years in the UK, although for anyone still shaking after Saturday night’s quake, there are around 8,000 every year around the world that are larger.

News Source SkyNews

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