‘No, you suck!’ Justin Verlander hits back at female heckler from the dugout with hilarious sign

A fan who tried to taunt Justin Verlander and the Astros with by saying ‘you suck’ got a taste of her own medicine after she was surprised by the Houston pitcher.

Verlander came up to her with a message of his own on which he had scribbled some thoughts onto a paper sign. It read ‘No, you suck!’ 

The notes which he held up are hard to read on the video but they shut the heckler  up according to the Twitter poster who documented the all-around classy sports moment. 

During the Astros’ game Saturday night against the White Sox in Chicago, a fan was heckling the Houston players at Guaranteed Rate Field

Astros pitcher Justin Verlander decided to take matters into his own hands. Using two pieces of paper, Verlander wrote a message for the fan. It said ‘No, you suck!!!’

‘This lady has been taunting Justin Verlander and astros saying ‘they suck’ and Justin Verlander held up signs that said ‘no, you suck’! wrote Twitter user Jaydo. 

The Astros far from sucked on Saturday night’s game – they won 10-1. 

Verlander, meanwhile, has long found success as one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball. 

He’s also found a lot of success off the field, namely marrying model and actress Kate Upton in November 2017 just two days after Verlander helped the Houston Astros win the 2017 World Series.

With the Astros, he helped the team win the American League West Division and finished the 2017 season with an impressive 15-8 record and 219 strikeouts. 

Verlander was hearing it from a White Sox fan while hanging out in the dugout. The fan shouted that Verlander and the Astros sucked so he sent her a message of his own

The entire encounter was caught on video and posted to Twitter

Houston Astros starting pitcher Justin Verlander throws against the Chicago White Sox during the first inning of the baseball game

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