No panic in Singapore as summit approaches

No panic in Singapore as summit approaches

I guess that’s the point.

Singapore knows how to handle events like this, however historic they may be. No panic.

Certainly security will soon ramp up but for now the only real hint of what is about to happen are the signs at the front of the summit venue – the uber-luxurious Capella Hotel on Sentosa island – saying police check, comply with police orders.

Of course, inside the hotel and around Sentosa, the advanced party and specialist security teams from North Korea and the US will be sweeping the location. Kim Jong Un has arrived, and Donald Trump’s presence is imminent.

The streets of the main island of Singapore are quiet and (always) clean – you can pick up a £560 fine for depositing chewing gum on the ground here and that has always been the case. Singapore is ready.

Guide to the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore

When you drive downtown from the airport in Singapore, all you can see offshore are endless queues of oil tankers. It shouts out economic success.

Singapore is the leading oil trading hub in Asia – third in the world after New York and London.

Kim Jong Un will undoubtedly get a sense of all that as he arrives.

Trump v Kim Who said what?

Donald Trump is promising big things can happen to the North Korean economy in return for moving away from its nuclear programme.

Nobody is pretending North Korea can ape Singapore but the message to Kim of the hermit kingdom is clear – come in from the cold on the steaming hot humid south Asian island of Singapore.

News Source SkyNews

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