New Jersey man claims Pornhub used his selfie without permission

A New Jersey man was stunned when he allegedly stumbled upon a familiar photo of himself flashing hundred dollar bills on Pornhub, and is suing a tech company that owns the site.

Edward Kelly, of Marlton, is seeking $3million in damages against MindGeek USA, a company that also operates RedTube, Brazzers and Reality Kings, among others.

Kelly claims a friend spotted his face in an advertisement while visiting the adult site, according to the lawsuit filed in federal court this week.

The man claims in the suit he suffered severe emotional distress and said he has been ‘dismayed and distraught’ over the matter.

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This advertisement allegedly posted to adult video site Pornhub shows an unsolicited photo of Marlton native Edward Kelly. Kelly is suing Pornhub’s operator, MindGeek USA for $3billion

The snapshot, which he alleges was taken without his permission, shows his face and is cheekily captioned ‘Make $752/day Like Me’ and ‘See how I get it.’

Next to his face, Kelly is seen holding several hundred in cash.

The photo has allegedly been floating around Pornhub for about six years, according to the Courier Post.

‘Someone on Pornhub’s advertising team found the photo… and decided to use it in an ad campaign without Kelly’s consent,’ the suit states further. has reached out to MindGeek USA for further comment. A lawyer for the company could not be immediately reached early Monday evening.

The ad showing Kelly has allegedly been floating around Pornhub for about six years. Seen above is an image of adult film actress Asa Akira at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo on January 24, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Kelly is seeking $2million for ‘general compensatory damages’ including emotional turmoil, and the remaining $1million for ‘infringer’s profits.’

The man said he works ‘in the secular computer field,’ making matters even worse, according to the suit.

He cites concern that colleagues ‘could reasonably believe he intentionally consented to Pornhub’s use of his image.’

Pornhub has been deemed the ‘largest’ pornographic video sharing site on the web.

The porn webpage averaged ’81 million visitors per day’ and ‘28.5 billion visitors’ in 2017, according to Forbes.


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