New Guinness Book of World Records – from longest cat and tallest dog to burning body and bearded lady


From colossal cats to gigantic golf tees and leaping llamas, this year’s Guinness World Record holders are as impressive as ever.

Thousands of people have gone to extreme lengths to go down in history.

But the new Guinness World Records book, out today, takes being the best to a whole new level – from the ultimate burning man to the ­planet’s youngest bearded lady.

Here, we look at the inspiring, wacky and terrifying achievements of those who aren’t not afraid to aim high.

Leaping llama Caspa jumps into the record books after clearing a 3ft 8.5in hurdle.

Owner Sue Williams gave him a turn after she saw him watching her dogs practise on her farm in Porthmadog, Gwynedd.

She says: He turned out to be a real diva.

Lengthy Ludo the Maine Coon cat , who is 3ft 10.59in, was put forward by owner Kelsey Gill of Ryhill, near Wakefield, West Yorks.

Keon, from Westerlo in Belgium, can wag happy knowing he has the world’s longest tail, at 30.2in.

Great Dane Lizzy, owned by Greg Sample, from Fort Myers, Florida, is the world’s tallest bitch at 37.96in.

How do you make a small town stand out on the map? By thinking big…

Businessman Jim Bolin, 61, decided Casey, Illinois, needed a big attraction to bring in the tourists.

So he decided to build eight of them, including a 61ft-long pitchfork, a 56ft-high rocking chair and a 30ft 9in golf tee .

They are fully functional, not models, landing Jim the record for the largest of each.

He says: It’s acknowledgement of all the hard work so many people put in.

Sounds like it was no small feat.

Josef Toedtling is setting the world on fire when it comes to breaking records.

The 36-year-old Austrian, who was a stuntman on 2015 surfing movie Point Break, has bagged three new titles – longest time set alight (5mins 41secs), longest distance dragged by a horse while alight (1,640ft) and longest distance dragged by a vehicle while alight (1,909ft).

Anti-bullying campaigner Harnaam Kaur, meanwhile, is 24 years and 282 days old, and from Slough, Berks.

She made the cut as youngest bearded lady, proudly sporting six inches of facial hair growth.

And Charlotte Guttenberg, 67, from Florida, has spent the 10 years since her husband died getting inked.

Nabbing the title of most tattooed female pensioner, her markings now cover 91.5% of her body.

Bernd Schmidt, from Wendlingen, Germany, has a gape of a staggering 8.8 centimetres (3.5 inches).

He beat previous record holder JJ Bittner, from America, by just four millimetres.

These clogs, the largest in the world, are 11ft 5ins long, 5ft 10ins wide and 4ft 10ins tall.

They are based in the town of Casey in Illinois, US.

John Farnworth, from Lancashire, holds the title for the most full volley rebound touches in 30 seconds – at 28.

The 30-year-old also holds several other football-related records.

Dimitri Panciera, from Italy, broke his own world record by balancing an astonishing 121 scoops of ice cream on a cone.

His previous record was 109.

Guinness World Records 2017 is now available, priced at £20.

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