Mylee Billingham Final footage of girl, 8, shopping for toys with dad hours before he allegedly killed her

Final CCTV of Mylee Billingham shows her looking at toys in a shop with her dad hours before he allegedly stabbed her to death.

Jurors watched as the eight-year-old shopped in a Costcutter store with her father William Billingham, 55, who is accused of plunging a knife into her two hours later.

They entered the shop near his home in Brownhills, West Midlands at 6.53pm and left seven minutes later.

In the footage Mylee, wearing a green hooded jacket, collects two bottles of water from a fridge before looking at toys on a display stand.

Billingham, carrying his daughter’s pink and grey rucksack, then picks four cans from another fridge and heads to the till.

Mylee then runs over to the display stand and returns grinning to her father carrying what appears to be a toy.

As the clip was shown to the court, Billingham covered his eyes with his hands and leaned forward in his seat in the dock as the footage was played in court.

The 55-year-old is accused of murdering Mylee by plunging a 20cm kitchen knife into her chest.

Prosecutors say he carried out the killing in January when her mum Tracey Taundry came to collect her from his home.

He allegedly dragged Mylee into the bungalow by her hood after threatening to kill his ex-partner, who was in a lesbian relationship.

Police were called to his home at 9.14pm by Ms Taundry, who said Billingham had dragged their daughter into his home.

Jurors were told she screamed ‘Mummy, Mummy’ and ‘Please Daddy, no Daddy, stop it’ as she was hauled inside.

PC Stacey Banbery said she found Billingham whimpering over his daughter’s body minutes later.

She told the court I found the defendant lying on the floor of the kitchen.

Beneath him you could see the two legs of Mylee. He was lying face down.

His arms were held above his head. There was a large amount of blood. He was breathing and making a whimpering noise.

The officer told jurors she took hold of him by the hoodie and dragged him off his daughter.

She said I said, ‘What’s happened?’ and, ‘Tell me what you have done’.

When I was speaking to him his eyes were flickering and every so often he would open his eyes and look at me, but when he saw that I was looking back he would close them again.

When I dragged him into the living room, he then started resisting. He had got control over his arms and I felt that he could control his body.

Asked by prosecutor Karim Khalil QC if Billingham had tried to help officers, Pc Banbery said He wasn’t trying to assist in any way.

Billingham denies murdering Mylee and threatening to kill her mother.

The trial continues.

News Source MirrorNews

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