Move over Harry Potter! Woman creates ultimate dog home under the stairs for her beloved pet Chihuahua


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Living under the stairs might have been considered part of a poor home life for Harry Potter, but one woman has made the tiny space into a pet-friendly luxury by decorating it as her pet dog’s bedroom.

These incredible images show the room that Will Rigdon’s aunt has lovingly decorated for her Chihuahua Pancho , complete with works of art and comfortable sleeping space.

The project, in an unknown location, came about because his aunt had some time on her hands, the nephew explains.

“When my aunt was building her new house after retiring from 30 years of teaching, my other two aunts basically forced her to decorate a room for a dog,” Will tells Bored Panda .

As well as some choice furnishings such as a miniature chest of drawers, lamp and bed, it’s got a famous dog painting – A Friend in Need by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge – on the wall.

Harry Potter was famously made to sleep under the stairs in Number 4 Privet Drive when he lived with the Dursleys, his aunt and uncle.

The fictional address in Little Whinging is where Harry lived since he was 15 months old and became an orphan.

His understair room has tiny walls packed with shelves and barely room for his bed.

Earlier this year Potter-mad mum Charlotte Kyriakou revealed her Harry-styled haven inside a standard redbrick detached family home.

Charlotte spent more than £13,000 decking out the dining room so it looks like the movie set, complete with moving pictures, a Sorting Hat, and even original props used in the films.

The 31-year-old was bewitched after visiting Warner Bros. Studios: The Making of Harry Potter, and has spent the last 18 months transforming her home.

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