Monday’s National Newspaper Front Pages


:: Financial Times

South Korea is closing in on a deal to finance a new nuclear power station in Cumbria, at time when the new Hinkley station is in doubt.

:: Daily Express

Britain is about to bask in a heatwave.

:: Metro

Jeremy Hunt’s plans for a seven-day NHS are doomed to failure according to a senior health chief.

:: Daily Telegraph

Britons face having to pay for a visa to travel to Europe on holiday.

:: Daily Star

 A story about a former star of Strictly Come Dancing.

:: The Guardian

The Government wants tax inspectors to investigate courier bosses over allegations they pay below the minimum wage.

:: The Times

New laws to tackle white collar crime could mean company boards face prosecution for failing to stop their staff committing fraud.

:: Daily Mirror

Police are investigating former Commons Home Affairs committee chairman Keith Vaz over new allegations.

:: Daily Mail

Families are being hit by county court judgments they knew nothing about.

:: The Sun

A Guards officer has been filmed snorting a line of powder.

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