Moment irate Emmanuel Macron scolds idiot teenager who yelled You all right, Manu during solemn WWII commemoration

French President Emmanuel Macron called a cheeky student an idiot after the teen addressed him informally as Manu.

The boy, who appears to be in his mid teens, was filmed shouting You all right, Manu? at the visibly irritated politician.

The embarrassing encounter took place as the 40-year-old head of state took part in a solemn ceremony commemorating his country’s call to arms during the Second World War.

It contrasts sharply with a more relaxed approach taken by international politicians, including British prime ministers and American heads of state, who are regularly addressed by their first names, and even nicknames.

Mr Macron was shaking hands with a group of youngsters across a metal barrier when the teenager used the relaxed greeting, shortening Emmanuel to ‘Manu’.

No, no, no, no, no,’ Mr Macron replied. ‘You’re there, you’re at an official ceremony, you conduct yourself in the proper way.

You can play the idiot, but today it’s all about the Marseillaise [the National Anthem] and the Song of the Partisans [A song about the French Resistance]

You call me the President of the Republic, or Sir.

The unidentified student immediately replies Yes, Sir’, to which Mr Macron says There, that’s good.

Mr Macron then said And you all do everything in the right order. The day you want to revolt, you know first of all that you have a diploma and you know how to feed yourself, alright? And then it’s you who’ll be giving the lessons.

In 2006, the then Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron said Lots of people call me Dave, my mum calls me David, my wife calls me Dave, I don’t really notice what people call me.

Heads of state such as American president Donald Trump are also known for referring to themselves by their first name.

The Macron incident took place on Monday at Mont Valerien, a fortress in the Paris suburbs used by the Nazis as a prison and execution site during the wartime occupation of the French capital.

It is now a national memorial to the French Resistance after being consecrated by General Charles de Gaulle in 1945.

It was De Gaulle who, on June 18 1940, made his famous Appeal speech from London, calling on the French people to rise up against the Germans.

Mr Macron is France’s youngest-ever post war president, and frequently plays on his vital, energetic profile.

He was a rebellious teenager himself who had an affair with his drama teacher Brigitte Auziere, who was married with three children at the time.

The young Mr Macron was sent to away from his hometown of Amiens, northern France, to complete his education but kept up his relationship with Mrs Auziere.

They later married, and the now 65-year-old Brigitte Macron is the first lady of France.


News Source MirrorNews

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