Men use bodies to shield women and kids at shooting

Men use bodies to shield women and kids at shooting

In a video posted online by Espanola Police Department, Enrico Trujillo, an off-duty firefighter, is seen jumping on a woman, who was his friend, as someone begins shooting through the window.

In separate footage of the same incident, another unnamed man is seen scooping up two children and running into an aisle, laying on top of them plus another woman.

Espanola Police Department said on Facebook Off-duty Espanola firefighter, Enrico Trujillo, reacts to gunfire by shrouding a customer with his body. His immediate reaction was to protect. Great job Firefighter Trujillo!

In a separate post with footage from a different angle, the police force wrote Watch as this unidentified man takes two children in his arms and shields them with his body as shots were fired in their direction. As he went to the ground, he also positioned his body over a woman who was already laying down. Without hesitation, this man protected three lives. Thank you sir for your bravery.

The off-duty firefighter said I didn’t have time to react or think about anything else.

I saw two people fighting and by then a crowd started to form outside… I saw a kid walking from the back of a vehicle and he loaded a gun.

He said his first instincts were to cover her.

Both men have been hailed for their bravery and the videos on Facebook have thousands of views and comments thanking the men for their selfless bravery.

News Source SkyNews

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