Men eat grapes off giggling female workers’ chests in bizarre ‘team building’ exercise as pals watch on


These work colleagues are taking part in an odd team building game which sees men eating fruit hanging around women’s necks.

Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves as can be heard from the giggling in the clip.

The men have been asked to eat the grapes with their hands behind their back, but where the fruit is sat is causing embarrassment for the contestants.

The women who have the grapes laying on their chests don’t seem to mind and can be seen laughing too.

They seem to be encouraging the men to eat quicker before one of them starts jumping around indicating they have won.

The footage was filmed in China and is not the first time the country’s team-building efforts have been in the news.

Last month a bizarre video showed a boss kissing his female workers.

The young workers, all wearing white blouses and black skirts or trousers, waiting patiently to be approached by their older boss.

The man then walks along the line, with his hands behind his back, and pecks each one.

The girls waiting for their turn look suitably unimpressed, many stood with their arms crossed.

News Source MirrorNews

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