May calls for Brexit talks to speed up as EU summit starts

May calls for Brexit talks to speed up as EU summit starts

The prime minister insisted very good progress has been made so far but admitted both sides wanted to work at a faster pace than we have done up until now.

Despite Mrs May’s plea, Brexit will be way down the agenda at the last EU council summit before leaders’ next gathering in October, when all sides hope a deal will be concluded by.

EU leaders have already warned the deadline is slipping away.

We did expect that we would make more progress – or any progress, really, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said.

What I will be saying to Prime Minister May is that we all have to intensify our efforts now. All of us want a deal.

Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, added he was worried by the lack of progress.

I don’t have to lecture Theresa May, but I would like our British friends to make clear their positions, he said.

We cannot go on to live with a split cabinet.

Mrs May was also ambushed by the Belgian prime minister Charles Michel as she arrived in Brussels on Thursday afternoon.

He handed her a Belgian football shirt bearing forward Eden Hazard’s name, ahead of England’s final group stage game versus Mr Michel’s country at the FIFA World Cup.

Next week, Mrs May will gather her fractious cabinet at Chequers, the prime minister’s country retreat, to try to draw up a united plan for future trade and security ties with the EU.

News Source SkyNews

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