Man shares home with 400 alligators, snakes and tarantulas and sleeps with one gator

Man shares home with 400 alligators, snakes and tarantulas  and sleeps with one gator

Come here and make it snappy, reptile fan Philippe Gillet commands his pets, Ali and Gator.

The 67-year-old Frenchman shares his home with 400 phobia-inducing creatures including the two alligators – one of which sleeps in his bed.

He also has a cobra under his coffee table, a baby caiman, rattlesnakes, tarantulas and lizards at his home near Nantes.

He said When we get to know them, you can tell them to come and eat something for example.

Gillet says the two alligators, named Ali and Gator, were rescued from a leather farm but most of the animals are pets that outstayed their welcome elsewhere and have been abandoned or donated.

I think it’s unfair to treat these animals the way we do because we don’t understand them, he told Reuters after feeding chicken to his alligators.

We don’t understand them, we hate them, we think they’re horrible.

Gillet says he has all the necessary permits to keep and transport the animals for roadshows which he runs to raise awareness about reptiles.

He insists the locals do not mind their unusual neighbours and regularly pop in for coffee, safe in the knowledge that the most dangerous snakes are kept in a room behind two sets of doors.

But the local fire department is more cautious they are under instructions not to enter his house in an emergency.

News Source MirrorNews

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