Man high on cocaine who brutally stabbed mum 26 times at her home convicted of murder

Man high on cocaine who brutally stabbed mum 26 times at her home convicted of murder

A man has been convicted of the brutal killing of a mum at her flat last year.

Tre Cameron, 22, was high on a cocktail of drink and drugs when he carried out the frenzied attack at Curlew House, Ponders End in Enfield on July 20 last year.

His victim, Vanessa James, 24, was stabbed 26 times in the neck and abdomen.

Paramedics arrived at the scene at around 640am but Ms James was pronounced dead despite valiant efforts to save her life.

Police were forced to use a taser to subdue Cameron who was taken to hospital for a self-inflicted injury to his hand.

The pair had only met two weeks previously and Ms James had allowed Cameron to stay at her flat alongside her two-year-old daughter.

Cameron claimed that he suffered from a personality disorder and denied the charge of murder due to his intoxicated state at the time of the attack.

It was established that Cameron has consumed quantities of alcohol, cocaine and cannabis – factors which formed the basis of his defence against a charge of murder.

Jean Humphries, Vanessa’s mother, said Vanessa was my dear daughter and I cannot believe she has been taken away from me under such inhumane circumstances. I miss Vanessa so much. She was the youngest of all my children. I feel like my heart has been ripped out.

Vanessa’s daughter – my grand-daughter – recognises her mother in photographs and asks for her when she is upset. Sometimes she wakes up crying in the night saying that her mummy has gone.

Detective Sergeant Perry Benton, said I am pleased that the jury have seen through his cowardly defence. The court heard evidence Tre Cameron was dealing drugs and he has shown no remorse throughout the trial.

This incident was witnessed by Vanessa’s cousin and the trial meant she was forced to relive those terrible events.

The James family have had to endure the graphic details of what had happened to Vanessa, but I hope this verdict provides some measure of comfort. I want express my sincerest sympathy to Vanessa’s family for their tragic loss.

Cameron will be sentenced on Friday.


News Source MirrorNews

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