Man describes moment he used a backpack to protect himself from woman ‘swinging a tomahawk at him’ 

A man has told a jury about how he used his backpack to protect himself as a woman swung an axe at him.

Shane Redwood said he had seen her hit another woman with what he thought was a baseball bat, but he realised it was an axe when she crossed an inner-west Sydney street towards him nearly 18 months ago.

‘I knew at that point she was going to try and hit me with the axe,’ he said on Tuesday, giving evidence in the NSW District Court via audio visual link from the UK.

Evie Amati, 26, has pleaded not guilty to six charges related to axe attacks on three people in the early hours of January 7, 2017.

Evie Amati (pictured) has pleaded not guilty to six counts related to axe attacks on three people in January 2017.

Nathan Wood (pictured) leaves after giving evidence at the trial of Evie Amati at the NSW District Court on Tuesday

Mr Redwood said he took off his backpack as she approached him and swung the axe at him.

‘I swung my backpack to try and stop getting hit with the axe,’ he said.

She swung again, hitting the pack so hard that it flew out of his hands.

He ran across the road but tripped, landing face first into the pavement.

‘I was expecting an axe on my head,’ he said.

The young woman then walked up the road, ‘while I picked up my bag and went home’.

He had believed the woman ‘was going to kill me with the axe’.

Police were called to Enmore 7-Eleven (pictured) at around 2.25am before they arrested Amati a short distance away while she was carrying an axe

Nathan Wood said he was walking home when he saw a person in a 7-Eleven store raising an object over their head and swinging it hard.

‘I saw a body on the floor and blood splatter,’ he said.

He then said he saw a second body collapsed on the floor and a woman leave the building ‘with a dripping axe’.

‘She has locked eyes with me and crossed the street towards myself,’ Mr Wood said.

‘I realised she was intending to do harm so I made a mad dash to the end of the block.’

The trial is continuing.

Benjamin Ritter, the 7-Eleven employee who was allegedly attacked (pictured right) gave evidence at the NSW District Court on Monday


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