Low pay employers ‘named and shamed’

Low pay employers 'named and shamed'

Sports clubs, care homes, car washes, pubs, hairdressers are among those underpaying workers, with some cases stretching back seven years.

The list includes some famous names such as Doncaster Rovers FC, Odeon and UCI Cinema Group in Manchester, Durham Cricket Club and Newcastle Falcons rugby club.

The current rate for the over 25s is £7.83 an hour.

Business Minister Andrew Griffiths said Our priority is making sure workers know their rights and are getting the pay they worked hard for.

Employers who don’t do the right thing face fines as well as being hit with the bill for back pay.

Around £1.4m has been recovered in back pay for 22,400 workers, with employers fined almost £2m.

Low Pay Commission chairman Bryan Sanderson said It is crucial that employers understand their responsibilities and workers know their rights around the minimum wage.

That is why active enforcement and effective communication from Government is so important.

It is therefore encouraging to see that HMRC has recovered unpaid wages for the largest number of workers yet in this round of naming and shaming.

I’m confident that the Government will continue to pursue underpayment of the minimum wage vigorously.

News Source SkyNews

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