Love Island Australia star and stripper Jaxon Human’s real name is revealed

 Jaxon Human changed his name to disassociate himself with his father.

The Love Island star, 24, made the heartbreaking announcement prior to his elimination on Tuesday night.

Despite the fact he plans on legally changing it, the contestants original birth name as it appears on the certificate and various other records has been revealed.

Love Island Australia star and stripper Jaxon Human’s real name is revealed… after he explained the heartbreaking reason for changing it

Fans and cast mates have suggested the name Jaxon Human has a connection to the Sons Of Arnachy tattoo he has on his back.

Social sleuths have been quick to point out the fact there’s a popular character in the Sons Of Anarchy TV series called Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller played by Charlie Hunnam.

The reality star – who is a stripper and tennis coach by trade – was born Kristian Jordan Nagel in September 1993. 

Speaking to The Fix on Tuesday, Jaxon said his real name has too much of a strong connection with his estranged father.

‘I have sort of a relationship with my father in that name, and I don’t really speak to my father anymore,’ he told the publication.  

 ‘He obviously wasn’t a big part in my life.’ 

Jaxon told the publication his mother, family and friends all use his assumed name, but his birth certificate identifies him as Jordan Nagel. 

The outgoing Love Island housemate insists he intends to legally change his name to Jaxon Human.

He was booted off the show after being unable to make it work with Shelby Mills, who he’d originally taken a liking to.

‘Everything was deep and meaningful when we were conversing but there wasn’t really that laughter, there wasn’t really that fun,’ Jaxon told Daily Mail Australia. 

‘I didn’t feel like it was a very strong relationship,’ the Gold Coast-based hunk continued.    




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