Landing plane dramatically overshoots aircraft carrier deck and hurtles toward sea before pilots pull off amazing recovery


Aircraft carriers are fraught with danger, but this footage shows what happened when a plane drifted off the end of one when it came into land.

The video, filmed on March 18 this year, shows a Navy radar plane drift off the end of the USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier and out of sight.

According to CBS News , the 45,000-pound turbo prop was attached to an arresting wire, intended to slow the plane on its landing.

But when the cable snapped, the plane just ditched below view.

Pilot Lt. Matt Halliwell called it s “really, really close call”, as a radar plane has no ejector seats.

Luckily, after an agonising four seconds the craft rises up again and flies off safely.

Lt. Cmdr. Kellen Smith was alongside Halliwell and says that they were braced for impact when the plane overshot the ship.

Their actions saved them – and the plane – as they opened the escape hatch, pushed down the plane’s flaps and throttle to full power, retracting the landing gear.

Once we started climbing away it took a moment for us to realize and say, ‘Hey are we OK? Yep, we’re OK,’ Smith said.

The plane made it back to base safely, but the incident also saw eight USS Eisenhower crew treated for broken bones following the snapping of the arresting wire.

An internal military investigation said the crew had showed phenomenal airmanship and that the incident was down to faulty maintenance.

News Source MirrorNews

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