Labour’s Thornberry Fails To Name French Minister


Emily Thornberry later went on to accuse Sky News of “sexism” after he asked her who the South Korean president was.

Murnaghan was interviewing the Labour MP about Brexit and her meetings with EU officials in Brussels to discuss the party’s position on leaving the bloc.

“I’ve seen delegations of French and I’ve seen quite a lot of the Norwegians … but not their foreign ministers. We are in the process of arranging for me to go to France and Germany,” she said.  

Plenty of genuine sexism & misogyny in politics. Don&“>39;t need prominent women debasing the term to cover their own poor performance. Jeez.

The presenter then asked her who the foreign minister she may be meeting in Paris would be – it’s Jean-Marc Ayrault.

But she replied: “Don’t start pub quizzing me, Dermot. 

“Do you know what, what really upsets me about your attitude to me is that you do this with me. I don’t remember you doing it with anybody else you know.

“Have you done it to David Davis? Have you asked these questions? Do Sky journalists have a go at Boris Johnson on this basis? How about Liam Fox? Do you do pub quizzes with them?”

Ms Thornberry then suggested they talk about Syria or North Korea.

But after talking about the “huge threat” Pyongyang poses to the region, but not an immediate threat to Britain, she refused to say whether she knew South Korea’s president was Park Geun-hye.

Possibility of nuclear war is a issue of vital importance that should not be trivialised by Murnaghan&“>39;s cheap smart-aleck pub-quiz question

Instead, she said: “If you want me to go with you to a pub tonight and we can do a pub quiz tonight, let’s do it.”

Asked if she knew the president’s gender, she said: “I’m not getting drawn by you into this nonsense.

“I am quite prepared to talk politics with you and talk about threats to the country.”

When asked about anti-Semitism within Labour she said the party was committed to tackling it, along with racism and sexism, before adding: “There is always more to be done and do you know what, there is certainly a lot more to be done by the Tories and I certainly think sometimes when it comes to sexism, some Sky presenters need to look at themselves too.

“I really do. It really upsets me that every time I come on here, you do another pub quiz with me because you do not do it with anybody else and I do think that it’s patronising.”

News Source SkyNews

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