Kevin Maguire: Accidental PM Theresa May has lost her way in the Brexit minefield


Hats off to Theresa May for ­splitting the Tories and uniting Labour, a feat beyond Jeremy Corbyn and probably Owen Smith.

The honeymoon is over for the ­accidental Prime Minister without an electoral mandate when she fails her own school exam and still clearly doesn’t have a clue about what Brexit means Brexit really means.

Failing to be crowned even by that tiny sect in the Tory Party, literally tripping into Downing Street when weird challenger Andrea Leadsom fell over, is fatally undermining her ­legitimacy.

She is the heir to Gordon Brown, a Labour PM undermined by his own non-election – with hypocrisy added to May’s rapidly lengthening charge sheet when she demanded he call a general election then stubbornly refuses to do so herself.

I do not predict Labour would win when that party is a ­disorganised rabble and unifying to condemn Traditional Theresa’s rewinding of the education clock is likely to be short-lived.

Yet Labour’s destructive strife poses a threat to May by emboldening Tory discontents who worry she’ll be another hapless John Major rather than a new Maggie Thatcher.

She should fear the Tory enemy within when the blunting of an outside threat creates ill-discipline, Con MPs wanting to have their cake and eat it.

MPs returning to Westminster last week displayed no love for their leaderene. I suspect it’ll be the same this week. And in the autumn when they’re back from the party conferences.

Clever generals protect their flanks and she has left herself exposed on schooling in England while wandering without a map in the Brexit minefield.

Reviving grammars cleaved the Tories. Criticism hurts from the Conservative chair of the MPs’ Education Committee and former Education Secretary Nicky Morgan .

When it is also from the chief inspector of schools, Sir Michael Wilshaw, and the Social Mobility Tsar, Alan Milburn, it is a killer.

Chuck in the negative reaction from a clutch of Tory think-tanks and the upheaval is­ self-harming.

May’s inability to produce evidence to endorse her choice isn’t the only problem. The democratic fail, the Conservative ­manifesto making no promise to spread selection, spells trouble.

Tory renegades will be emboldened to defy May and in the House of Lords she’ll be confronted by the mobilisation of Angela’s Army.

Labour’s leader in the quaint chamber, Angela Smith aka Lady Basildon, is a masterful strategist and will build a broad alliance to frustrate and possibly defeat the PM.

May’s uncharacteristic recklessness might be her undoing. Tories are marking down her performance after a few months. If only Labour was a strong opposition…

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