Kennedys take aim at President Trump as Ethel and family wear homemade ‘I really do care’ jackets

President Donald Trump’s controversial tactics at the southern border have managed to draw the ire of a powerful neighbor to the north – the Kennedys.

Ethel Kennedy and her brood have been vocal about their disdain for the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policy for weeks now, with Ethel herself even announcing that she would be fasting in protest.

And on the eve of Fourth of July the family launched a more direct attack on the administration – and First Lady Melania Trump in particular – by breaking out some paint and and green jackets, on which they each wrote ‘I Really Do Care.’ 

Ethel and friends of the family then wore the jackets as the family continued their annual tradition of golf carting through the annual Hyannisport Fourth of July parade.

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Motivated matriarch Ethel Kennedy wore a green jacket that said ‘I really do care’ while participating in the annual Hyannis Port Fourth of July parade (Ethel above with son Max and his wife Victoria)

Taking a stand Mariah and Michaela Cuomo (above), the daughters of Kerry Kennedy and Governor Andrew Cuomo, wears their jackets in the parade 

Making their point The Kennedy children also held signs that read Break Bread Not Families to support the charity (Saoirse Roisin Hill on left)

Strength in numbers A number of the family’s friends also wore the jackets as they marched in the parade on Wednesday 

Sisters Kathleen Kennedy Townsend rides on the back of the family golf cart with her sister Courtney Kennedy Hill 

Kerry Kennedy, who is the daughter of Ethel and former wife of New York governor Andrew Cuomo, posted a photo of the finished jackets on Tuesday night. 

‘Happy Fourth of July! Join our chain fast 24 hours over 24 days for 2400 children taken from their families,’ wrote Kerry in her post, tagging her mother, Julia Roberts and Alec Baldwin.

She then promoted the families new charitable initiative Break Breads Not Families, which is being supported by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization.

Kerry currently heads the organization.

She was joined by Marco Gualtieri for the holiday, who is a member on the board of the Robert F. Center for Justice and Human Rights. 

He and his friends also donned the jackets, prompting Kerry’s daughter Mariah Cuomo to write ‘Marco love you baby!’

Breaking Bread Not Families is now seeking donation for its cause as the family fights back against the executive orders being put in place by President Trump. 

‘The Trump administration’s zero tolerance immigration policy has set off a humanitarian crisis along the U.S./Mexico border, leaving 2,400 children unjustly separated from their parents,’ reads the homepage for the movement. 

‘In response to criticism from across the political spectrum, the administration has moved toward the indefinite detention of families. This solution is not only immoral, it is also illegal under U.S. and international law.’

It later states ‘Protestors, including elected officials, influencers, and the Kennedy family, will fast for 24 hours, for 24 days, in honor of the 2,400 children separated from their parents.’

Taking a stand Kerry Kennedy posted a photo of the homemade jackets on her Instagram account on Tuesday while promoting Break Bread Not Families

Arts and crafts The jackets were worn in response to Melania Trump’s choice to wear a jacket that read ‘I really don’t care do u?’ last month when she visited child migrants at the border (right)

Getting involved Rory Kennedy’s daughter holds a sign promoting the family’s new initiative in partnership with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights 

Hello Christopher Kennedy chats with his sister during the parade on Wednesday

The Kennedy clan was joined by another American royal earlier in the week – Julia Roberts.

Robert F Kennedy Jr shared a photo of the Oscar winner on Saturday, writing ‘My mom and Rory en route for a sail with Julia Roberts and her daughter, Hazel.’

The picture showed Rory driving one of the family’s ubiquitous golf carts with Ethel, 90, riding shotgun and and Julia joining daughter Hazel in the back of the cart.

It is unclear if Julia was paying a quick visit and would be staying through the holiday or heading back home with her daughter.

It will be an extra-special Fourth for the Kennedys this year, with Robert F. Kennedy III set to marry Amaryllis Fox on Saturday.

The aspiring filmmaker is the oldest son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr and his first wife, Emily Ruth Black.

Kennedy clan Douglas Kennedy and his wife Molly Stark drive in the parade on Wednesday 

Anthony Shriver’s children ride in a cart that is outfitted with a ‘GOAL’ sign and German and Belgian flags

Kennedy’s parents divorced after his father’s then-girlfriend Mary Richardson became pregnant with son Conor.

It will be the first marriage for Kennedy, 33, who will be gaining a wife and a new daughter when he walks down the aisle on July 7.

Fox, 37, has an eight-year-old daughter, whom she gave birth to shortly before leaving her post at the CIA.

She became a clandestine agent for the intelligence group after creating an algorithm that predicted which cities were most likely to be hit by terrorist attacks.

All of the Kennedy cousins are expected to attend the event along with a few Hollywood celebrities, like the groom’s stepmother Cheryl Hines.

The groom’s grandmother Ethel Kennedy will be among those in attendance, but there is still no confirmation that Jean Kennedy Smith will be at the nuptials. 

She is the only living sibling of former president John F. Kennedy and former senator Robert F. Kennedy.

And it was Jean who in 1945 set up her good friend Ethel with Robert during a ski trip.

All of Ethel’s nine living children will be in attendance, along with her nieces Maria Shriver and Caroline Kennedy, the only surviving heir of the former president.

The wedding could also mark the first public appearance of Michael Skakel, the nephew of Ethel who recently had his conviction overturned in the 1975 murder of Martha Moxley.

Friends of the groom Tiffany Trump and mom Marla Maples might also make their way to the compound, where two years ago Kennedy’s sister Kick brought a pinata with President Trump’s face.


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