Kansas daughter’s heartbreaking final words to her mother after she crashed her car while texting

Kansas daughter's heartbreaking final words to her mother after she crashed her car while texting

Danielle Delgado Garcia, pictured with her three-year-old son Jayce, was using her phone when her car rear-ended a semi-truck on May 26 in Larned, Kansas

A Kansas mother whose 22-year-old daughter died after she crashed her car while using her phone has issued a heartfelt plea to others to avoid texting while driving.

In a blog post for the Kansas Department of Transportation, Jacque Tierce recalls the horrifying moment she learned her daughter Danielle Delgado Garcia had rear-ended a semi-truck while on her way to work in Larned on May 26.

Tierce made it to the hospital just as Garcia arriving in an ambulance, awake and able to speak. 

”Mom,’ she said in the most agonizing voice I’ve ever heard, ‘It hurts so bad Mom. My stomach hurt so bad,” Tierce wrote. 

‘I got to tell her I loved her and squeeze her hand before she went out again and was loaded into the helicopter.’

Hours later at a hospital in Witchita, Tierce learned that her daughter had died from her injuries. 

The 22-year-old’s mother Jacque Tierce, left, wrote about the crash in a blog post for the Kansas Department of Transportation published Wednesday

In the heartbreaking post published on KDOT’s blog Wednesday, Tierce wrote that she’d heard sirens just before 8am the morning of the crash and ‘began praying for whoever was involved’ in the emergency.

Moments later, she received a text from Garcia’s coworker expressing concern that the 22-year-old was late for work and wasn’t answering her phone.

‘My heart sank immediately,’ Tierce wrote. ‘Danielle was never late for work.’

After calling her daughter’s phone twice with no answer, Tierce began to panic. 

She reached out to Garcia’s daycare provider, who was supposed to be watching her son Jayce that morning, and learned Garcia had messaged minutes earlier and said the three-year-old’s other grandmother had made arrangements to pick him up before Danielle left for work.

‘Now I knew, the sirens were for Danielle,’ Tierce wrote.

‘I got a phone call a few minutes later from Danielle’s phone. I answered, knowing it would not be Danielle’s voice on the other line.’

A Kansas Highway Patrol officer informed Tierce of the accident, which is believed to have occurred while Garcia was texting via Snapchat. 

 Garcia’s destroyed Chevy is pictured after the fatal crash on Interstate 56 in central Kansas

Less than two weeks after the crash, Tierce launched a campaign called #DoItForDanielle to stop texting while driving. One of the campaign images is pictured above

Garcia was quickly transported to a local hospital, where doctors determined she would need to be airlifted to a medical center 120 miles away in Witchita.

Within a matter of hours they received news that Garcia had died on the operating table as a result of a severed artery. 

‘I couldn’t even cry. I was in shock,’ Tierce wrote.

Less than two weeks later the heartbroken mother had launched a campaign called #DoItForDanielle to stop texting while driving. 

‘I don’t want anyone to go through this,’ Tierce told KAKE. ‘Not any mother, not any brother, not any sister, not any son, child. Not any friend.’ 

One campaign photo reads ‘No text message, Facebook post, or Snapchat is worth a life. Please put your phone up while you are driving.’ 

Garcia is pictured with son Jayce, who has been left without a mother as a result of the crash

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