Julia Bradbury: grandchildren saved my parents’ lives by giving them something to look forward to

Julia Bradbury: grandchildren saved my parents' lives by giving them something to look forward to

Julia Bradbury, the broadcaster, has spoken of how her children saved her own parents’ lives, by giving them something to look forward to as they struggled through serious illness.

Bradbury, a mother-of-three, said her mother, Chrissi, was diagnosed with cancer when she was pregnant with her first child, before her father, Michael, learned he had cancer of the prostate gland not long afterwards.

Saying the excitement of having Zephyrus, who is now five, gave them a new positive focus during illness, she added: We reckon the children saved both my parents’ lives by giving them something to look forward to.

Bradbury, 47, also has twins Xanthe and Zena, two, with her partner Gerard Cunningham. She has previously spoken of her children as miracles , having used IVF to conceive after being  diagnosed with endometriosis.

She told the Daily Mail: My mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer when I was pregnant with Zeph and I think that made a big difference.

I kept saying to her: ‘You can’t go, you can’t go, you have to stay to meet your grandchild.’

Gerard and I didn’t want to know the baby’s sex but Mum did.

She felt it would make the baby feel more real, more tangible if she knew. So we gave the doctors permission to tell her – she was thrilled. I remember afternoons sitting holding hands on the sofa.

She’d put her hand on my tummy and I’d put my hand on hers. It was so peaceful and happy.

When Zeph was born, Mum and Dad were so excited. Mum pulled through and, later, Dad did too.

They are now hands-on grandparents in their 70s, she added, travelling to help with childcare at least once a week as Bradbury works on ITV’s Britain’s Best Walks.

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