John McEnroe and Milos Raonic end coaching partnership before US Open


John McEnroe has ended his coaching partnership with Canada’s Milos Raonic ahead of the start of the US Open.

McEnroe joined Raonic’s team as a coaching consultant for this summer’s grass-court season but came under scrutiny commentate on his player’s matches at Wimbledon.

Raonic, whose primary coaches are Carlos Moya and Riccardo Piatti, reached his first grand slam final at SW19 with the American by his side, before losing to Andy Murray.

But McEnroe has said his media commitments with ESPN mean he and Raonic have decided to part ways.

It ended up becoming an issue at Wimbledon, McEnroe said.

He’s got a great team around him. I think it’s best and easiest at this point. This week I was with him, but having thought about it, and for Milos’s sake, for ESPN and my sake, I think it’s best that we stop right now doing what we’re doing.

So when the US Open starts on Monday, he’s got his people. I’m pulling for him and want him to do well.

I’d love to see all the guys play their best because I think it’s better for tennis. But it’s best to sort of separate at this stage. It will just make life easier for everyone.

McEnroe was unsure whether the partnership might resume after the US Open, where Raonic plays Germany’s Dustin Brown in the first round on Monday.

If Milos wanted to come for a week in October, November and work, that would be to me, like, an incredible thing, McEnroe said.

So I’m open to the possibility of it. But I think at this particular time it makes life easier not to continue it. I’m not sure, would be the honest answer.

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