Jessica Simpson ignores mom shamers as she posts snap after getting slammed for pool video of son

She was subjected to mom shaming after posting a video of her son doing a back flip into a pool while wearing a waterproof cast.

But Jessica Simpson made no mention of the trolls as she posted a photo a few days later.

The stylish snap was of Jessica, 37, wearing a pair of sunglasses with an orange tote on her arm. 

Not on her mind! Jessica Simpson made no mention of the trolls as she posted a photo a few days later

‘MIND GAMES,’ the Sweet Kisses singer captioned the photo. 

The songstress wore her long, silky blonde hair down while rocking a graphic print T-shirt, flannel blazer, and jeans.  

The caption made no reference to the commotion which occurred a few days earlier, when Jessica posted a video of her son Ace Knute being thrown into a backflip in a swimming pool by her husband Eric Johnson.   

It looked like a harmless stunt at first, but then on closer inspection it could be seen that Ace, aged four, has a cast on his broken arm. 

Ticked off fans Jessica Simpson, 37, made quite the splash when she posted a video on Instagram of her husband Eric Johnson, 38, throwing their injured son Ace, 4, into a swimming in a pool on Monday

Good mom The beauty has always been doting to her son, seen here in May with Eric 

Ace fractured his arm on June 19, but still manages to do a full somersault before plummeting into the water feet first.

‘A broken bone doesn’t hold this kiddo down,’ wrote Simpson. ‘Waterproofcast.’ 

That’s when the parenting patrol came out on her full force.

‘I had no idea it’s possible to swim with a broken arm! Probably not the best choice,’ one person commented. 

Added another ‘Love you, Jess, but why throw a kid with a cast on? Even in water.’

Having fun Jessica’s husband and son have a fun yet scary father-son moment while performing flips while swimming

Scary While it may look cool, Simpson fans were worried about Ace because he just recently broke his arm

Impressive Even though it got backlash, the injured kid’s trick was pretty awesome considering the fact that his arm was broken

A third called the stunt ‘the most ridiculous thing to be doing as a parent.’ 

Loyal fans had Jessica’s back, though.

One woman pointed out, ‘You realize he is being flipped into water, right? They are not flipping him on concrete.’

Luckily, things didn’t get too carried away in the video’s comment section.

New technology Soon the mom shamers calmed down and commented on Jessica’s video about how cool a waterproof cast is

Ignore it Jessica or her husband have yet to comment about the backlash they received for letting their son horseplay in a pool with a broken arm

Hospital visit Jessica shared the news of her son’s injury on Instagram a week ago. ‘This kid is breaking more than hearts these days ?? #FirstBrokenBone #ICriedMoreThanHeDid #ACEKNUTE,’ she captioned a shot of her boy in the hospital

Soon the fashion designer’s followers started chatting in the comments about how cool a waterproof cast is.

‘*flashback to 20 years ago having to have a shower with a garbage bag on over my cast,*’ wrote one woman. ‘2018. What a time to be alive.’ 

Before getting hitched in July 2014, Jessica and Eric brought two children into the world, daughter Maxwell, 6, and son Ace.

Jessica’s previous romances include a year-long relationship with ex-NFL quarterback Tony Romo and a failed marriage to fellow singer Nick Lachey.

Tough cookie Here Ace is seen in the hospital after getting a green cast on his arm

Looking good Simpson runs a massive fashion empire; seen in May in NYC

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