Jeremy Corbyn says he doesn’t consider himself ‘wealthy’ despite earning £137,000 a year


Jeremy Corbyn says he doesn’t consider himself ‘wealthy’, despite earning £137,000 a year.

He earns £74,000 a year as an MP, and is entitled to an uplift of £63,098 as leader of the opposition.

The combined total is five times the average UK salary, which was £27,500 last year.

He made the comments as he promoted his new arts policy, with a vow to ensure funding for arts education is consistent across-the-board.

He told the Herald: “I hate the elitism [that says] only the wealthy can go to ballet, only the wealthy can go to opera, only the wealthy can go to Glyndebourne, only the wealthy can enjoy what’s termed high-brow music.

I don’t consider myself high-brow or wealthy, but I still enjoy some aspects of classical music.

I want everybody to have that attitude and that same experience.

Mr Corbyn owns a London home worth around £700,000 – around three times the national average.

In April, Mr Corbyn released his tax return, covering the year prior to his election as Labour leader.

The Labour leader’s tax form for 2014-15, lists income from giving lectures and taking part in surveys – all of which was previously declared on the register of members’ interests.

At the time he published the document, a source close to the leader’s office confirmed Mr Corbyn had no savings and did not have an accountant.

The Mirror contacted spokespersons for Mr Corbyn’s for a response, but they had not replied at the time of publication.

In 2008, Mr Corbyn voted in favour of capping MPs salary increases at 2.3%, but was in the minority.

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