‘It was sick’ New claims against disgraced doctor

'It was sick' New claims against disgraced doctor

Bradbury was jailed for 22 years in December 2014 after admitting the abuse of 18 male patients aged 10-16, many of whom were suffering from cancer.

At the time he had been working as a consultant haematologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

But Jasmine, who is hiding her real identity, is the first female to claim she was abused by the doctor. She is also the first to say the abuse happened at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The 25-year-old mother said she had been 14 when she was abused.

She told Sky News I went into the room. He asked me to take down my trousers.

I remember looking at my mum and he looked at me and said ‘In here’, and pulled the curtain.

It was a shock. I remember the shock because it was painful.

She had gone to the doctor to discuss problems with her periods but Bradbury carried out an intimate and unnecessary examination.

I remember going back to my friend’s house, into the bathroom, and sitting there for 20 minutes and thinking I don’t understand this… I just don’t understand.

Jasmine decided to come forward after Bradbury’s former patients from various hospitals were sent letters alerting them to what had happened at Addenbrooke’s.

I just knew – from when I left the room on the day it happened – it was wrong… It was like confirmation and it made me angry because I thought all this time I’ve just tried to dismiss it because he’s a doctor – you trust these people.

It was sick. What he done was sick… it filled me with anger.

Jasmine has a two-year-old daughter now and is anxious every time either of them need to see a doctor.

Reny Daly from Hudgell Solicitors, who helped Jasmine take legal action against the hospital, said The significance of the fact that it’s a girl, the significance of the fact it was a different hospital shows that what Bradbury did was far more wide-scale than we initially thought.

In order to investigate what happened, we need people to come forward. Jasmine has been really brave.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust said Our thoughts are with the victims of Myles Bradbury, who have suffered a great deal of harm and distress.

Bradbury’s shocking actions, for which he was jailed in 2014, represented the worst breach of trust one could imagine for the patients and families involved.

The safety of the children and young people we see is a priority.

When these allegations came to light we contacted all of the families under Bradbury’s care to offer support and advice, referring any concerns to the police.

At the time, we also conducted a thorough review of our approach to chaperoning to offer families further reassurance around the safety of their children, while in our care.

This is something we continuously audit.

Jasmine insists her priority is not compensation It’s not about the money.

I’m in it to bring people forward and for him to get more justice.

I want him to get everything he deserves after what he has done… everything, everything.

He can rot for all I care.

News Source SkyNews

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