It looks like Theresa May should have done her research before she quoted this anti-Corbyn Twitter user


Theresa May used Jeremy Corbyn’s own Twitter replies against him at PMQs today – but she probably should have done a bit more research first.

The Labour leader was subjecting the Prime Minister to a barrage of questions about Britain’s housing crisis.

In response, Mrs May mercilessly mocked Mr Corbyn , vowing never to let the party “anywhere near power again”.

And she turned Mr Corbyn’s PMQs tactic of crowdsourcing questions against him, reading out a tweet from a member of the public.

@UKLabour @jeremycorbyn Does Theresa know that in a recent poll on who would make a better PM, &“>39;Don't Know&“>39; scored higher than Jezza?

But as it turns out, Mr Collins has also tweeted some other things. Here’s a flavour.


@Phoenixarised @CraigCons If most people read the Qu&“>39;ran then they would see quite clearly that Mohammed was a bloodthirsty warlord & paedo.

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