Immigrants less likely to claim benefits than those born in England, new figures reveal


Immigrants are far less likely to claim benefits than those born in England.

New figures from the Department for Work and Pensions have revealed the number of people with non-UK birthplaces who claim working age benefits across the country as of February 2016.

As many as 333,134 non-UK born people in England were claiming these benefits , which include Jobseeker’s Allowance.

This equates to 8.5% of all the working age benefit claimants in the country, according to the DWP.

Separate figures, also released today, show that as many as 14.7% of England’s population is made up of people who weren’t born in the UK.

That suggests the proportion of immigrants claiming benefits in the country is far lower than the non-immigrant population.

The findings were so stark that only five of the 369 local authority areas for which there were figures showed a larger proportion of migrants claiming benefits than migrants in the population.

In each of these five cases the margin was half a percentage point or less.

Figures show the percentage of immigrants claiming benefits, while the percentage of the population born overseas is shown in brackets:

News Source MirrorNews

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