‘If it’s not your hair, do not run for office’ Trump blasts ‘lowlife’ Fallon and praises Melania

President Donald Trump rained down criticism on Monday night of on a host of his opponents, left and right, at a raucous South Carolina rally that turned into a fight night for the besieged the president.

Trump charged that Democrats have become the party of ‘open borders’ as he shackled them to Nancy Pelosi and impeachment-pushing Rep. Maxine Waters. And he reignited spats with late-night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon.  

GOP Rep. Mark Sanford, he slammed as a ‘guy I’ve never liked too much,’ and the media he encouraged his supporters to taunt by gesturing to the press pool and saying, ‘look at all those fake newsers back there.’ 

Trump also hard sharp words for two former first ladies, Laura Bush, who recently wrote a scathing op-ed criticizing his zero-tolerance policy for migrants, and 2016 general election opponent Hillary Clinton, whose mention was met with chants from the crowd of ‘lock her up.’

‘With all the complaining I’m doing, we have done a very good job,’ Trump at one point acknowledged. ‘Sometimes you have to toot your own horn because nobody else is going to do it,’ he later followed up.

In Columbia, almost no one seemed to escape the president’s ire, save for the first lady, Melania, and the state’s governor, Henry McMaster, whose primary on Tuesday technically made him the man of the hour.

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President Donald Trump reignited a fight with late-night host Jimmy Fallon on Monday at a rally in South Carolina

Fallon has been opening up about the personal anguish he felt following the backlash to his now-infamous hair messing appearance with Donald Trump

Melania he praised as a ‘smart’ woman who dazzles at the White House with her ‘great style.’ And McMaster he lauded as a ‘true gentleman’ and ‘a fighter’ who he said the state’s Republicans should ‘get your a**es out tomorrow’ and vote for in the contested primary.

He meanwhile bashed Fallon, a host who said he regretted tussling the Republican’s hair during the general election, Kimmel, who has used his TV show to harangue the GOP for its position on Obamacare, and South Carolina’s own Stephen Colbert, calling them ‘terrible’ comedians and ‘low-life’ who have absolutely ‘no talent.’ 

Trump said he played along with Fallon, who ‘screws up my hair’ and then was ‘so disappointed to find out its real.’

‘What is it, like a year and a half, two years later, he’s now apologizing, because he humanized me?’ Trump said. ‘He really hurt himself.’ 

The president said his thinning blonde hair, which for years has been the butt of jokes, is not a hairpiece — and he has windstorms and rainstorms like the one he arrived in on Monday evening to prove it.

‘If it’s not your hair, do not run for office folks, don’t run. Do not run for office, because the gig would be up!’ he told his audience. ‘The guy at CBS is, what a low-life, what a low-life,’ Trump added, invoking Colbert.

Trump asked somewhat rhetorically, ‘Are these people funny? And I can laugh at myself…. But there’s no talent. They’re not, like, talented people.’ 

‘I mean this guy on CBS has no talent,’ he harped again. ‘Jimmy Kimmel would meet me, before the election…no talent, but I go to his studio to do a shot. He would stand outside the studio waiting for me.’ 

The president said he’d no longer do Kimmel’s show because the late-night host is ‘terrible.’

President Trump also addressed rumors that his wife, Melania, might be leaving him and told a rowdy gymnasium of supporters that it’s not true, and the first lady also did not have a face lift when she disappeared from the public eye in May for nearly a month. 

At the rally that began an hour late after the president’s plane could not land due to a storm overhead, the president spent the rest of his time making his usual rounds celebrating his Singapore summit with Kim Jong-un, and defending his worldwide tariffs. He also gave a special shout-out and well-wishes in his speech South Carolina’s Katie Arrington.

The GOP candidate who toppled Sanford earlier this month Trump said was ‘badly hurt’ in a car accident days ago that after several major surgeries she’s expected to make a recovery from. 

‘Katie is a very special person. She was out there right from the beginning,’ he said. ‘And here’s the good news she’s gonna be 100 percent.’

Trump told the GOP nominee for the House district that Sanford currently represents, ‘Katie we’re all pulling for you and we’re praying for your very swift recovery.’

‘She was out there campaigning against a guy I’ve never liked too much,’ Trump said. ‘Never liked him too much. I wasn’t a big fan.’

Taking a swipe at Sanford, a former South Carolina governor, Trump said he was hiking the ‘Tallahassee trail’  in a jab related to the the GOP rep’s extra-marital affair.

‘Tallahassee Trail, it must be a very beautiful place. Unfortunately, he didn’t go there,’ Trump said. 

It was the Appalachian Trail that Sanford said he was hiking when he actually in Argentina visiting his mistress.

Trump recalled how he involved himself in Sanford’s primary at the last minute — endorsing Arrington mere hours before the polls closed to the detriment of the incumbent Republican who has heaped loads of criticism on him.

‘I said, Maybe I shouldn’t do it, because I won’t have enough [time], ‘ Trump said of the surprise endorsement. ‘I said, ‘I don’t care. I can’t stand that guy. ‘

The endorsement came while Trump was on his way back from Singapore, which he noted is a roughly 22-hour flight to and from Washington.   

‘That’s not even fun on Air Force One,’ he said. ‘And by the way, we had a great success, North Korea.’

Taking a victory lap he said that Kim’s regime had agreed to denuclearization. ‘We’re not looking up in the air, any rockets up there?’

Trump said the alternative to a nuclear deal with North Korea was war before he took office.

‘You go to war, you lose 30, 40, 50, who knows, millions of people,’ he stated.

The president traveled to Singapore directly from the G7 summit in Canada, which he thought ended on a high note, only to have Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commit what the Trump administration says was essentially a verbal backstabbing in response as soon as the U.S. president left in response to steel and aluminum tariffs.

‘I said, Justin, what’s your problem, Justin?’ Trump on Monday asked. ‘He doesn’t understand that Air Force One has 22 televisions.’

As he railed against his critics, Trump smacked Democrats have become party of Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, a House representative who wants him impeached.

‘And the Democrats don’t like ICE. These are great brave, tough people,’ he said of some Democrats’ claim that the immigration enforcement arm should be abolished. ‘They don’t like Border Patrol. They don’t like your police. They don’t like anybody.’

He said that ‘the Democrats want to protect illegals coming into this country, some of whom are not good, some of whom cause lots of problems, in the worst possible way. They want to protect illegals coming into the country, much more than they want to protect you.’

‘We want people to come in,’ he said. ‘We want people to come in through the legal process.’ 

As the crowd broke into familiar chants of ‘Build the Wall’ the president told them ‘It’s not build that wall anymore, it’s continue building that wall.’ 

Trump spoke at a rally to support South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster (right)

The gymnasium at Airport High School was packed to capacity, and another 1,200 crowded into an overflow room to hear the President’s remarks

The president did not directly mention his administration’s zero-tolerance policy or his executive order last week to end family separation. He did subtly touch on the controversial issue, though, while mentioning one of the nation’s former first ladies.

Trump in a nod to an op-ed Laura Bush wrote deriding the policy said, ‘We very much appreciated Laura Bush’s lovely letter.’ 

Republicans the president has bad blood with did not escape his ire at the rally that was billed as an campaign event for the state’s sitting governor.

The president smacked losing GOP Rep. Mark Sanford, who’s reelection bid he purposefully tanked, noting that he never liked him. 

President Trump used the dispute with Fallon as a jumping off point to hit former Apprentice host Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Audience members listens as President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at Airport High School in West Columbia, South Carolina

An audience member reacts as President Donald Trump speaks during the rally

The ex-California governor was quickly ousted from the television program that made ‘Trump’ a household name.

‘And the one who knew it was, my wife, my wife…She’s very smart, she said, you know there’s nobody that can take your place, don’t you?’ the president stated. ‘How smart is that? Now, I don’t know if she believes it, but she said, there is nobody that take your place…He will not be successful. There is nobody, darling, that can take your place. How smart is she. How smart? Right?’

The president said of his wife, ‘And she has got a great style.’

‘It was like a picture,’ he said of her welcome today at the White House for the king and queen on Jordan. ‘I watched the three of them…I didn’t want to destroy that picture. And I will tell you she has done a tremendous job as first lady.’ 

He added, ‘And you know she had an operation, a few weeks ago. Kidney operation. And she’s gonna be great. She’s fine.’

The president were all sorts of rumors about her whereabouts. ‘They said, she got a face lift. No, I would let you know. They couldn’t hide that one for long, right.’ 

Mocking reports that she’d moved away, Trump said she was also not living outside of Washington.

‘So she moved to Virginia. She moved to New York. The only thing they wouldn’t say is what happened. And that’s OK. And she’s private, she doesn’t want to talk about things,’ he said. ‘But you know why? We’ve never done better than we’re doing now. We’ve never had a time like we have now. We’ve never had higher polls than we have now.’

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