Hunky carpenter stuns neighbours by renovating his home while totally NAKED


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A handsome carpenter has stunned neighbours who regularly see him renovating his one bed semi-detached home totally NAKED.

Robert Jenner, 42, who is “not a bad looking chap” according to neighbours, is a naturist.

The former solider, who has freely swung his tackle since 1999, is concerned he may now have to give up his naked passion because neighbours have started noticing.

He said: “My mum has no idea I’m a naturist and she only lives a few miles down the road so she’ll probably find out sooner or later.

“Whenever I’m using power tools I’m always clothed, I’m always careful because I don’t want to get any splinters.

“Naturism appeals to me due to the sense of freedom and liberation.

“I also don’t want to get beaten up and no one is going to hit someone who’s naked.

“I left the army 11 years ago when I bought this house, so I’ve been living in my van and also renting the house out.”

Rob was handed an ASBO earlier this month after several “outraged” neighbours in SAnodland, Kent, reported him but unashamed the former soldier continued to renovate starkers.

After two visits from police who “found the funny side”, residents called again last week and this time arrested him while he was fixing a tap in his birthday suit.

On Saturday he was charged with using threatening words or behaviour to cause harassment alarm or distress and is due to appear at Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court next month.

Rob, who has decided to appear clothed at the hearing, said: “I think the law says it’s not an offence until someone makes a complaint and people know that so they then report me.

“I’m being pessimistic, but I think people want to just see trouble.

“People have been accusing me of things which are blatantly untrue.”

The chippy, who was also given an ASBO, said: “There was a few complaints made the police came and did not really mind the first time, they saw the funny side.

“The third time they came they arrested me for indecent exposure.

“It’s just so stupid.

“When they arrested me I was naked and fixing a tap, thankfully it didn’t spring a leak.

“I don’t care what my neighbours think but the people who complained are always smiling at me.

“A few hours before they arrested me they were smiling and waving and one mum put her hands over her daughter’s eyes, but she was still grinning.”

Since his arrest Rob has written a sign outside his £169,000 home which reads: “A naturist is working on this property, please do not take offence.”

A neighbour said: “He’s owned the house for at least a decade and rents the place out.

“We’ve always known he’s a naturist but it’s gone too far.

“It’s the fact there’s young families in the street, you tell your children to keep their clothes on and then they see something like that.

“All he needs to do is cover up when he comes outside.”

Another resident said: “I’ve got a husband, sons and grandchildren so maybe that’s why it doesn’t shock me so much.

“Plus he’s not a bad looking chap.”

News Source MirrorNews

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