How to watch England v Sweden in Russia on Saturday

How to watch England v Sweden in Russia on Saturday

England will face the Swedes in the central city of Samara on Saturday at 3pm (6pm local time).

The Russian embassy in London announced on Wednesday that it would be fast-tracking visa applications for anyone who wants to travel to the city.

A post on its Facebook page said Special Offer for England Fans! Don’t miss… You CAN live your dream of watching England v Sweden in Samara this weekend!

The Russian Embassy in the UK is making an exception and issuing visas* in just one working day! You need to apply today or tomorrow latest to make this happen so get in touch with us now.

The embassy says it can arrange flights, accommodation and insurance but does not say anything about tickets.

The arrangement applies to anyone who does not already have a ticket – which automatically provides holders the right to a Fan ID.

The Fan ID acts as a entry and exit visa to Russia, enabling fans to travel to the country until 15 July and stay until 25 July.

To obtain one, a traveller must hold a match ticket, even if they don’t actually intend on attending the game.

The UK Foreign Office told Sky News that the process of applying for a Fan ID once a match ticket has been purchased is quick and an electronic version is suitable to travel on. A physical version can be picked up in Russia.

Travellers also must have a passport valid for the duration of their trip.

The Foreign Office website advises that if travelling on a British passport issued since January 2017, it must be signed with a black pen before anyone travels as some British nationals who haven’t signed theirs have been denied entry into Russia.

But the whole package is unlikely to be cheap.

Some websites were claiming to offer tickets to the match in Samara, but the conditions varied enormously, with some only available to purchasers outside the UK and most going for several hundred pounds.

I’ve got my documents, how do I get there?

One of the fastest options for those coming from London is to take the Thursday 6.05pm flight (UK time) from Heathrow. With a connection in Helsinki, you’ll land in Samara’s most convenient airport, Kurumoch, at 3.15am (local time). The flight, which lasts just over six hours, will set you back around £665.

A cheaper option, at around £460, is to fly from Gatwick at 10.35am (UK time), wait almost four hours in Istanbul before landing in Samara at 12.45am (local time).

If you’re flying from Manchester, a quick option is to catch the 5.50pm from Manchester airport where you’ll connect up with those flying from London to take the plane from Helsinki to Samara which lands at 3.15am (local time). It’ll set you back around £665.

I don’t want to fly, how else can I get there?

The drive from London takes an estimated 46 hours and needs you to cover almost 2,500 miles (4,000km). This means to get there in time for the game, you’d need to leave Thursday morning and drive constantly without stopping.

Sky News does not recommend this.

What if I want to be situated in Moscow?

The distance between Moscow and Samara is around 650 miles (1,050km) with an approximate travel time of 75 minutes by plane or 15 hours by train. The Samara Arena is nine miles (15km) from the city centre. Kurumoch airport is less than an hour’s drive from the town centre.

Will there be anywhere for me to stay?

Samara is Russia’s ninth biggest city and is situated on the banks of the Volga River. It’s the centre for Russia’s aerospace industry, and has a population of more than one million people.

However, the tourism sector is less developed than in other host cities, and as such there are limited accommodation options so it is advised to book somewhere before you arrive.

Do I need to speak Russian to get around?

The fan zones are equipped to deal with English speakers. A few phrases which may prove useful to know are

One – adin

Two – dva

Three – tri

Thank you – spasiba

Hello – zdrastvuite

Bye – da svidania

Please – pazhalusta

What is your name? – kak vas zovut?

My name is… – menya zovut…

Entrance/exit – vkhod/vykhod

Please help me – pazhalusta pomogite mne

Bus – avtobus

Train – poezd

Metro – metro

Police – politsiya

I don’t speak Russian – Ya ne gavaryu pa-russki

Do you speak English? – vy gavarite pa-angliyski?

What is your Wi-Fi password? – kakoy u vas parol ot vay-fai?

News Source SkyNews

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