How to mute annoying ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’ self-service tills in one easy step


“Unexpected item in the bagging area” is quite possibly the most annoying thing you can hear in a supermarket.

You’re stood with your shopping clearly in the bagging area when the pesky little voice wants to tell you, and everyone around you, you have done something wrong.

Well Jordon Cox , who spends a lot of time in the shops hunting out deals, has found a really quick and easy solution.

Jordon, who is ’s coupon kid, told Mirror Online: “Self-service checkouts can be convenient, but also incredibly annoying.

“Though if you know where to look on the screen, there’s a small ray of hope to stop those irritating voice commands.

“In the corner of the screen, hidden in plain sight, there’s often a little volume button you can use to mute them completely.

“No more ‘unexpected items in bagging area’ for eternity.

News Source MirrorNews

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