How tall is Meghan Markle Why the Duchess of Sussex always looks smaller than she is

How tall is Meghan Markle Why the Duchess of Sussex always looks smaller than she is

You have to hand it to Meghan Markle, the woman makes wearing killer heels look easy-peasy.

While many of us get bunions at the very thought of wearing four-inch stilettos, the Duchess of Sussex thinks nothing of donning a pair for a walkabout.

On cobbles, often, no less!

But it might not just be because she’s fond high heels, as it turns out.

In fact, there might be a more practical reason behind her decision.

At 5ft 6, the former Suits actor is hardly what you’d describe as short.


But if you look at her next to her husband and in-laws, she does give the impression of being rather diminuitive.

The reason being, as families go, the Windsors are VERY tall.

That is, apart from the Queen, who is 5ft 4. Sorry, Your Maj.

While not a royal by birth, Kate Middleton still measures a very regal and statuesque 5ft 9.


This above the average height of a British woman which is 5ft 5.


Given than she’s not afraid of a pair of heels either, there’ll be occasions when the Meghan’s sister-in-law will be not too far off 6 ft.

Kate also need not worry about towering over her husband.

The Duke of Cambridge is the tallest royal at 6ft 3, which is nearly two metres high.




While he’s a good few inches taller than his wife, Prince Harry is slightly shorter than his older brother.

Still, at 6ft 1 he’s no sloucher.



His off-colour comments and tendency to make a gaffe may sometimes make him see larger than life.

And at 6ft exactly, the Duke of Edinburgh is one of the taller members of the Royal family .

At 5ft 10, the Duke of Cornwall is a good few inches shorter than both of his sons, but is still taller than both Kate and Meghan.

She’s may be taller than the average woman – and her mother-in-law.

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall is almost the same height as Meghan at 5ft 8, but doesn’t have the same fondness for skyscraper heels.


News Source MirrorNews

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