How Muslim taxi driver can Mess you Up


As #Muslim #taxi #driver always mess up people’s daily routine during their #Ramadan or other of their religion activities, they can now do so at their own lost cost. UBER make it now simpler. Last time I was over slept trying to get taxi to work they told me no taxi because of because of the Ramadan.

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Another story was a Muslim taxi driver who refused to take blind couple because they had guide dog, he refused to drive Charles Bloch and Jessica Graham because of animal Said: ‘Me, I not take the dog’ before telling them it was because of ‘religion’. Mr Bloch, 22, informed driver it was against Disability Act but he drove off.

Mr Bloch, who is registered blind after being born visually impaired, had booked the cab using firm ADT Taxis in Leicester but was shocked to be told the driver would not take him upon collection. His partner, 21, who was also born with a visual impairment and is registered blind, filmed the encounter on her phone and posted the footage – which now been viewed by millions – online.

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