How did your MP vote on the Brexit bill

How did your MP vote on the Brexit bill

All eyes were drawn to whether the House of Commons would support or discard peers’ demand for a beefed-up meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal, which also set deadlines for the government to agree a withdrawal agreement with the EU.

MPs voted to on a motion to disagree with amendment 19, which would have given MPs a more meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal.

The government staved off a humiliating defeat by offering a last-ditch concession to potential rebels – and won with a majority of 26.

However, there were still rebels among Labour and Tory MPs, along with some notable abstentions.

Find out how your MP voted below…

*Estimates of Leave/Remain constituency by Chris Hanretty, professor of politics at Royal Holloway University of London


News Source SkyNews

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