Horrifying moment ambulance carrying injured patient smashes into red light while overtaking traffic


An injured patient had to be transferred to another ambulance after the one they were in smashed into a traffic light while racing through traffic.

As the footage shows the driver had tried to overtake a stationary car at a junction when he slammed into the sign.

Everyone survived the crash, including the injured person who was already on their way to hospital, but the emergency vehicle was a write off.

It is believed that the driver may face a fine for failing to drive with due care and attention and damaging council property.

The crash happened in the Russian city of Lipetsk.

Earlier this year a similar crash happened when a pregnant woman was being taken to hospital.

A car failed to see the ambulance crossing through a busy intersection and slammed into the side, sending the truck crashing on to its side.

The second crash also happened in Russia, this time in the city of St Petersburg.

News Source MirrorNews

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