Homeless ‘charmer’ linked to four killings


Two bodies were discovered two weeks ago in a property in Ashland, about 60 miles southwest of Cleveland, after a third woman dialled 911 and said she was being held in one of the bedrooms. 

Shawn Grate has pleaded not guilty to 23 counts, including the two killings and the abduction of a third woman rescued by police from an empty home two weeks ago.

Investigators said he repeatedly raped the woman and prosecutors said they will seek the death penalty for the 40-year-old, if he is convicted. 

After his arrest, her reportedly told police he had killed another woman earlier this summer and one back in 2005.

Investigators are looking into his past to see if there could be more victims.  

Grate is described as a charmer with a darker side by some who knew him.

One friend, Tim Denis, said: “He just had this way about him that he could draw people in.” 

He described how he and Grate had been friends until nearly two years ago when Grate sent him a number of angry texts because Denis would not lend him money.

The last one said: “Meet the other me.”

The 40-year-old is known to have two children and his former wife, with whom he had a daughter, filed a protection order against Grate after they divorced in 2012.

Amber Grate said in a statement asking for privacy after his arrest: “I have been estranged from my ex-husband for four years, and he is not a part of our lives.”  

News Source SkyNews

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