Heroic mum sacrificed her own life to save her toddler son from drowning


A brave mum drowned saving her toddler son by holding him above the water after a boat accident on a lake in Utah.

Chelsey Russell, a 35-year-old mother of two from Lakewood, Colorado, was enjoying a family holiday on a houseboat on Lake Powell, a 186-mile-long lake along the Utah-Arizona border, on Tuesday.

Suddenly she heard a scream and a splash and discovered her two-year-old son had fallen into the water.

Without a thought for her own safety, she plunged in and held him above the water for five minutes while her relatives desperately tried to reach them.

The boy and his heroic mother were plucked from the water, rushed to the shore and Russell was given CPR – but she could not be saved.

Officials with Glen Canyon National Recreation Area said the boy was stable but flown to a hospital in Flagstaff, Arizona, as a precaution.

Officials with Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, which encompasses the 186-mile-long lake along the Utah-Arizona border, said the boy was in stable condition and flown to a hospital about 200 miles away in Flagstaff, Arizona, as a precaution.

The boy was playing with another child when he fell off the boat, San Juan County Sheriff Rick Eldredge said yesterday.

The boy’s uncle jumped in after his sister but realised he was too far away from them, so he returned to the vessel to retrieve a towed motorboat, slicing the rope with a knife because the knots were so tight, reports CBS .

The knots tethering it were so tight that he had to cut them with a knife.

“She was holding the baby out of the water the best that she could,” Eldredge said.

He added that neither Russell nor her son were wearing life jackets, which are required for passengers under 12, according to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

News Source MirrorNews

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