Hellraising X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne loses her fangs by shunning booze on show


Sharon Osbourne has become known for giving the show a little bit of the unXpected.

But if you’ve noticed that the normally lively Sharon seems more reserved on this X Factor , I may have the reason.

The hellraising judge is on a self-imposed booze ban – and snubbed offers of alcohol from the production team during the first round of auditions.

An insider tells me: In previous years, toward the end of a day’s filming she has often enjoyed a tipple or two.

It’s a running joke that she is much more animated after a long day on set. But Sharon is off the drink – she has a lot on her plate at the moment. She’s been jetting back and forth from London to the US to do her chat show, The Talk.

With all the scrutiny surrounding her and Ozzy’s marriage right now, she’s also been keen to keep a level head about her – she wants to be focused right now and is taking her work very seriously.

Unfortunately, though, it means she’s not quite as feisty as the crew might have hoped.

Luckily, perhaps, not all judges are following suit.

At Nicole Scherzinger’s judge’s house in France this week, the singer enjoyed a few shots of sherry with host Dermot O’Leary once filming had finished. But it looks like it might be down to the contestants to liven things up.

I’m told the real party-animals this series are Jedward wannabees Ottavio and Bradley – who are said to have caused havoc at bootcamp.

A source reveals: They were downing shots and jumping half naked into a hot tub. They were outrageous, but a lot of fun.

I already miss the days when Mrs O was throwing water at Louis Walsh and leaving singers in tears with her cutting remarks.

But you have to respect her sticking to her guns.

News Source MirrorNews

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