Heartbroken man bursts in on cheating girlfriend only to get SHOT by his love rival


It would be bad enough finding your partner cheating on you – but this poor guy received a double blow when his love rival then shot him in the leg.

The man found the heartbreaking scene when he burst into a motel room in Chicago, Illinois, and found his partner naked and in bed with another man.

Shaky mobile phone footage captured the moment the men exploded at each other after the jilted lover – described as the woman’s “baby daddy” – made the deceitful discovery.

As the video begins, the naked woman is seen nonchalantly walking past her partner – just covering her modesty with a piece of clothing.

After shouting a few words at her, he quickly turns his attention to the half naked man on the bed.

He is heard saying: Do what you gotta do.

But as they continue to shout at each other the ‘cheating man’ jumps up and reveals he has a gun, shouting: Get the f*** out of my face.”

The gunman begins pushing his rival away and attempting to smack the phone from his hand as he shouts: You’re gonna die.

But the jilted guy remains unnervingly calm and says: I bet you’re gonna put that gun down. Put it down,” before seemingly losing his patience and shouting: Shoot me n*****.”

The gunman then puts on his cap, appears to wipe his gun, and obliges to this request – shooting the guy in the leg.

He immediately screams out in pain and the woman is heard shouting in the background.

It’s not clear what happened to the man afterwards, but it is believed he was taken to hospital and treated for his injuries.

The footage has been viewed almost 50,000 times since it was uploaded yesterday.

News Source MirrorNews

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