Groom is half the man he was after shedding 13st to marry his very own ‘Belle’ in fairytale wedding

Groom is half the man he was after shedding 13st to marry his very own 'Belle' in fairytale wedding

A 27-stone man shed half his body weight to marry his very own ‘Belle’ in a fairytale wedding .

Dean Woods was left embarrassed after being unable to fit through the turnstiles at his local football club due to his 58 inch waist.

The 31-year-old – who had been suffering with high blood pressure and depression – decided enough was enough and vowed to slim down for his wedding photos.

So musician Dean lost half his body weight over 18 months – and walked down the aisle in a fairytale castle wedding to Isabel Cook, 29.

The couple got married in a fairytale wedding in a castle after Dean turned turning from a beast to marry his beloved wife he calls Bel after Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Dean said: “I married Bel who is my own princess in the wedding of our dreams followed by the honeymoon of our dreams.

“The wedding was emotional – I was fine until I got to the church.”

Dean met new wife Isabel while they were both playing in their local brass band.

Before his weight loss Dean was suffering from depression and high blood pressure.

He was embarrassed he had to use the fire exit of his local football club rather than the turnstile due to his 58in waist.

Dean said: “I was already engaged and in September 2015 I started trying pills and potions – I was looking for a quick fix.

“I was heavy when I proposed I just got heavier. My weight ballooned to 27 stone six pounds.”

But now Dean, of Ebw Vale, South Wales, has swapped chocolate for fresh fish and veg – and was picture perfect for the wedding at Clearwell Castle in the Forst of Dean.

Dean has now even become a leader at Slimming World.

The newlywed said: “I can start living my life now.

“My breakfast includes fresh fruit with Weetabix and milk.

“Lunch is baked fish with oven-baked potato chips and asparagus and spinach.

“Dinner can be almost anything.

“My favorite is an all-day breakfast complete with hash browns, sausages, bacon and all the trimmings.

“I no longer worry about my health now or in the future as I feel and look great.”

Isabel said: “It was a dream day and I’m very proud of him.”

News Source MirrorNews

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