Grenfell Tower Kensington and Chelsea Council worker admits fraud

Grenfell Tower Kensington and Chelsea Council worker admits fraud

A council worker has admitted defrauding around £60,000 from the Grenfell Tower victim fund.

Jenny McDonagh, 39, took cash meant for survivors of the tragedy and victims’ grieving family members using pre-paid credit cards.

The Kensington and Chelsea Council finance manager spent the funds on trips to Dubai and Los Angeles, expensive dinners and online gambling.

McDonagh, described as a serial fraudster, admitted fraud and theft.

She obtained the money while being neither a survivor or bereaved family member, Scotland Yard said.

After the fire, McDonagh withdrew £62,000 over 10 months, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard.

Prosecutor Robert Simpson described her as a serial fraudster who lives beyond her means and gambles.

He said she used the stolen funds for a trip to Dubai, Los Angeles, meals in expensive restaurants, hair appointments and personal luxuries for herself.

He added She spent quite a lot of money on online gambling. She spent £32,000 of which £16,000 was winnings and lost roughly £16,000 in online gambling.

McDonagh’s marriage has since broken down, the court heard.

A fire ripped through Grenfell Tower block in June 2017, leaving 72 people dead.

McDonagh, of Abbey Wood, south-east London, pleaded guilty to two offences of fraud, one of theft and another of concealing criminal property.

Kensington and Chelsea Council said it would not be making a comment until after sentencing.

News Source BBCNews

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