Friday’s National Newspaper Front Pages


:: The Daily Telegraph 

Every school in England will be given the opportunity to become a grammar school, the paper reports. 

:: Metro, The Guardian 

Metro says grammar schools are on the way back, but only if they admit children from poorer families, while The Guardian says Theresa May has opened the ‘floodgates’ on grammars. 

:: The Times, Daily Mail  

Both papers call the new policy on grammar schools a “revolution”.

:: Daily Mirror, Daily Express

A new report on statins says they are safe. 

::The Sun

Its front page reports that a 20-day-old baby has been smuggled into Britain.

:: The Financial Times 

Chancellor Philip Hammond has pledged to maintain freedom of movement for top bankers after Britain leaves the EU.

::Daily Star

The tabloid leads on a story about a spider. 

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News Source SkyNews

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