Flog It! axed as part of BBC One daytime shakeup

Flog It! axed as part of BBC One daytime shakeup

The BBC’s long-running antiques programme Flog It! has been cancelled after 17 years.

It is being removed as part of a shake-up to modernise BBC One’s daytime schedule, the corporation said, making room for six new shows.

The programme, presented by Paul Martin, sees people have their antique items valued by experts before getting the option to sell them at auction.

Episodes that have already been recorded will be shown next year.

The series has been a regular on the channel since 2002, with more than 1,000 episodes having been aired.

A BBC spokeswoman said We’d like to thank BBC Studios, and host Paul Martin, who we will be working with on other programmes.

Martin posted on Facebook before the announcement that he would be back with a brand new antiques game show for BBC One in the new year.

News Source BBCNews

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