Family pay tribute to girl killed on inflatable

Family pay tribute to girl killed on inflatable

Ava-May Littleboy, from Suffolk, was the only person on the inflatable when witnesses said it appeared to explode at Gorleston beach in Norfolk on Sunday.

She died from her injuries in hospital.

Her family said She was not your ordinary little girl, as anyone she met, she would leave a lasting impression on.

Anyone that met her would not want to forget her.

Her infectious laugh and smile could light up even the darkest of rooms.

Superintendent Roger Wiltshire said on Monday The witnesses report a loud bang before the incident but we don’t know at this stage what caused the trampoline to apparently burst and that’s the purpose of the investigation that we will be undertaking over the next day or so.

The death has prompted some to call for tighter restrictions on the toys.

Robert Halfon, the Conservative MP for Harlow, Essex – where seven-year-old Summer Grant was killed when a bouncy castle blew free from its moorings in 2016 – wants politicians to consider a temporary ban.

He said on Twitter After two horrific tragedies, government need to look at update of regulations and inspection regime and consider a temporary ban on bouncy castles in public areas until we can be sure that they are safe.

News Source SkyNews

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