Explosive moment man confronts ‘cheating’ girlfriend as she’s sat in car with another man


This is the awkward moment a man confronted his cheating girlfriend – while she was sat in a car with her other man.

The explosive meeting was caught on camera by her spurned boyfriend who then uploaded the footage – which has since gone viral – to Facebook .

He can be seen in the shaky footage, taken on a mobile phone, approaching a parked car in which a man and woman are sat.

He then films through the open window where the two appear to be talking to one another.

And he can then be heard saying: “So, Illana, what happened? Why you playing both of us?

“Telling us exactly the same thing Illana? Why you doing us both wrong? This isn’t right. You’re telling us the exact same thing.”

The woman, who appears mortified to be confronted, simply nods her head in silence.

It isn’t until the man says to her, “we had sex last night” that she eventually pipes up and, in disbelief, replies sarcastically: “We did?”

The argument continues for another two minutes with the boyfriend and the man in the car agreeing that it appears the woman has been messaging them both.

Meanwhile, ‘Illana’ defends herself, arguing that she has ‘tried to break up with’ the man outside the car on a number of occasions.

But he does not seem to be listening and warns her that he will be putting the footage on Facebook.

It is unclear where or when the video was captured although all those involved have American accents.

News Source MirrorNews

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