England fans warned against ‘senseless behaviour’

England fans warned against 'senseless behaviour'

Police dealt with 387 incidents and were inundated with 999 calls after England’s quarter-final victory against Sweden on Saturday.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) said there had been 1,086 football-related incidents since the tournament began, with 226 incidents related to domestic abuse and 230 arrests being made.

Officers have warned that policing during the matches is putting them under pressure, as they also have to prepare for the protests that have been organised ahead of Donald Trump’s visit on Thursday.

Metropolitan Police had to deal with an ambulance car being smashed up after fans jumped on it near London Bridge on Saturday, while a man jumped off a double-decker bus and smashed through the roof of a bus shelter in Clapham.

Roads had to be closed in Northampton because of disorder, and hundreds of people blocked a street in Leicestershire with some letting off flares.

Crowds also blocked roads in Southampton as some fans climbed on top of buses.

There was also disruption in Bridlington, Hull and Cleethorpes as people climbed on buses and vehicles.

Plans to show England’s World Cup semi-final on a big screen in Middlesbrough have been scrapped after trouble during the Three Lions’ quarter-final win.

Police were called in to support staff as fans converged on the big screen in Centre Square to watch the 2-0 win over Sweden.

It had a capacity of 3,000 which was reached well before the 3pm kick off.

Despite stewards turning people away who were drunk or trying to smuggle in alcohol, around 500 more people tried to force their way through a fence.

Staff were abused and threatened with violence.

Police bosses across the country are planning a beefed-up presence for when the national team plays Croatia.

The NPCC’s head of football policing, deputy chief constable Mark Roberts, said It is incredibly disheartening to see over 300 incidents of alcohol-fuelled disorder from a minority of mindless individuals.

This behaviour has real consequences.

Numerous roads across the country were blocked, stopping emergency vehicles getting to people in need and an ambulance is now off the road while being repaired.

Shops were damaged, people were abused and assaulted and others climbed on buses and cars, causing damage to vehicles and in some cases, themselves.

There is absolutely no excuse for this type of senseless behaviour. Emergency services resources are already stretched.

We want people to celebrate and enjoy themselves but not at the expense of law-abiding fans and emergency services’ resources.

He said the behaviour was in stark contrast to how well-behaved supporters have been out in Russia.

England fans have been looking at hiring private jets to get to Moscow for the Three Lions’ biggest game in decades, according to one UK-based charter company.

PrivateFly said it had had hundreds of requests for jets – but it does not come cheap.

Fans could face pay more than £5,000 each as PrivateFly offers nine-seater jets for between £45,000 to £50,000 return.

News Source SkyNews

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