England fans flood the streets of Samara as Three Lions prepare to face Sweden

England fans flood the streets of Samara as Three Lions prepare to face Sweden

As the England team prepares for its biggest game in more than a decade, flag-waving fans have descended on the Russian city of Samara painting the town red and white. 

The celebrations started early as supporters took to the streets in the run-up to the Three Lions’ quarter final clash against Sweden later today.  

St George’s cross was flying high as anticipation reached fever pitch following the first ever English penalty shoot-out victory in the tournament’s history against Colombia on Tuesday.

The beer has already started to flow in Samara with some England fans taking advantage of handy fill your own lager hosepipe stations. 

Sweden fans are also out in force with yellow and blue shirts brightening the streets as the final to the big game begins. 

Is it coming home?! England fans are pictured inside the stadium in Samara, Russia where England are playing Sweden 

England, England! Supporters are pictured inside the Samara stadium in Russia as England prepare to take on Sweden 

Three lions on a shirt Three England fans are pictured elated as they prepare for the World Cup clash against Sweden at the Samara stadium 

A young England supporter is pictured getting ready for the England Sweden game at the Samara stadium in Russia 

Come on England! Fans are pictured getting ready for today’s match against Sweden in Samara, Russia as they wave flags 

We can do it! England fans had an early start this morning as they headed out in preparation for the big game later on today

Samara was painted red and white today as England fans started getting ready for their quarter final clash against Sweden 

It’s coming home! England fans are pictured partying the night away in Samara as they prepared for today’s World Cup game

Sweden fans are also on the streets of Samara (pictured) getting ready for their team to take on England later today 

Fill your boots lads! An England fan is pictured in the Russian city of Samara filling up his bottle with beer ahead of the match

St George’s flags assemble! England fans are pictured in Samara, Russia as they gear up for the match against Sweden 

Here we go! This England fan is pictured with her hair dyed red in honour of the England team’s big match against Sweden 

This England fan has even coordinated her nails to match the St George’s flag flying outside the Samara Arena in Russia 

Let’s go! England fans are pictured in red and white outside the stadium where England and Sweden are playing later on 

Fighting spirit! These two England fans are pictured outside the St Anne’s arena in Samara for the England Sweden game 

Get your scarves out! This England fan is pictured with his own scarf dedicated to the England Sweden game in Samara 

It’s coming home! England fans are pictured draped in the St George’s cross as they prepare for the big game later today 

England fans little and large A man is pictured with a child on his shoulders outside the stadium in Samara, Russia 

England Fans hit the streets of Samara Russia yesterday ahead of the quarter final game against Sweden today following a historic win on penalties against Colombia 

It’s all too much for one fan, who was spotted lying on the pavement in Samara yesterday, where the England team will hope to seal a place in the semi-finals 

A Leicester fan raises his hands surrounded by fellow England supporters yesterday as they prepare to play Sweden in Russia

Supporters from across the planet were vying for space in Samara yesterday, where later on today Harry Kane will lead his men into the World Cup quarter finals 

One supporter was seen passed out on a pavement in the Russian city where the Three Lions face Sweden in the World Cup quarter-finals later on today. 

Some supporters are going the extra length to get to Russia to watch England v Sweden in 2018 World Cup quarter-final – by hiring private jets, pulling sickies and even resigning from their jobs.

Plane charter firms been inundated with requests to fly to Samara for tomorrow’s match, while one fan is even cycling 2,500 miles to make it to the game, which is 1,000 miles east of Moscow near the Kazakhstan border.

Back home, supporters who plan to watch the match outside on big screens in England will enjoy scorching temperatures of up to 90F (32C) as the country’s longest heatwave since 1976 continues.

Britain is expected to have its hottest weekend of the year so far, beating the record set in Gosport only last weekend when the temperature in the Hampshire town got up to 90F (32.2C).

A Swedish fan is pictured soaking up the sun with his yellow and blue scarf as his team prepares to take on England today 

It’s coming home…or is it? Swedish fans were out in force on the streets of Samara hoping to beat England to the semi finals

An England football fan sunbathes on the beach next to the River Volga in Samara yesterday ahead of the quarter-final match

But as people across the country pack out pubs, there’s one fan who’ll be practising caution with his celebrations if England get to the penalty shoot-out again. 

Tom Cross, 23, from Kidlington, Oxfordshire, was watching Tuesday’s game against Colombia with his sister and friends at a local football club.

When Eric Dier scored his winning penalty Mr Cross’s sister, Lucy, 21, threw her arms up in the air to celebrate and the ring on her finger smacked him in the face, knocking his front tooth clean out.

Sweden players train in the sunshine at the Cosmos Arena in Samara today before their quarter-final with England today

Tom Cross (pictured) lost a tooth because his 21-year-old sister threw her arms in the air to celebrate and the ring on her finger knocked it out   

Amazingly, Mr Cross felt ‘no pain’ and didn’t even realise he was bleeding until his friend asked ‘what’s that on the floor?’ and pointed at his tooth.

Mr Cross, who has taken it in good spirits, joked ‘My sister should get a job in tooth extractions, she feels so guilty bless her’.

Recalling the night, Mr Cross told MailOnline ‘There was blood all down my nice new England shirt, I picked the tooth up and ran outside of the football club and sat myself on the floor.

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