Eight-year-old girl left with her nose hanging off after she was mauled by neighbour’s out of control dog


A beautiful eight-year-old girl has been scarred for life after a dangerous dog savaged her face as she played with a friend.

Kelci Lindley’s nose was left hanging off when she patted her neighbour’s Japanese Akita on the top of the head and it turned on her.

The youngster needed plastic surgery but was given just £400 in compensation.

Brave Kelci, who had to be straw fed, has been left with a scar across her cheek and nose where the vicious dog called Storm bit her.

Owner Amanda Arnott pleaded guilty to owning a dog dangerously out of control to cause injury and the Akita was put down.

Kelci’s mum Shona, of Grimsby, North East Lincs., said: “The tip of Kelci’s nose was hanging off but she refused to have the dog put down.

“It has completely torn her face apart – and that is the outcome of homing a dangerous dog.

“She was straw fed for a week after it happened and it just ruined her face. She is still beautiful but as a mum it’s absolutely killed me.”

Arnott had never mentioned that her dog had an aggressive streak before Kelci went over to their home to play with her daughter, according to Shona.

The 25-year-old’s partner Lewis Leggett, 26, was just about to collect Kelci for dinner when Arnott’s daughter came rushing to their door screaming the dog’s got her face.

Mum-of-four Shona then rushed over to find the dog had savaged her daughter, with lacerations to the side of face, underneath her eye, her lip, nose and hand.

Arnott was holding Kelci trying to wipe the blood off her face with a towel – but never called an ambulance.

Kelci was rushed to the Hull Royal Infirmary Hospital where she underwent a five-hour surgery to stitch all of her wounds back together and put her nose back in place.

Specialists have warned her family the youngster will be scarred for life.

Shona said: “She [Arnott] knew the dog had potential to do it and that dog should be muzzled and I can’t see why would you let that run around freely.

“The mother [Arnott] then moved house two weeks later and has never once apologised for it – or said sorry.

“What makes all this worse is that she didn’t even call an ambulance which is so wrong – it was like she was trying to cover it up.”

Shona, who is six months pregnant and mum to Morgan, five, Shayla, three, and Braiden, one, has even given away their pet dog Blaze because Kelci is so traumatised by the incident.

Asked why she allowed Kelci to the house, Shona said: “I always keep my children at arms length and it was a big thing for me to allow Kelci to go around to her friend’s house in the first place.

“The friend had been around to our house the week before – so felt bad saying no and I agreed to it.

Unbeknown to Shona, The Japanese Akita breed is notorious for being a large, strong and dominant dog and it is even illegal to own them in some countries.

Speaking about the dangerous breed, Shona said: “Just like any mum, I’d never have let my daughter go round there if I knew there was a vicious dog on the loose.

“If we ever have guests around I always take our dog outside.

Shona said: “I never realised how many dog bites have happened especially with that type of breed. Kelci was such an outgoing kid, she loves people and animals, yet she’s been left terrified by this, she thought she was going to die.”

Arnott pleaded guilty to owning a dog dangerously out of control to cause injury at Grimsby Magistrates Court on May 11.

She was given a two year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £400 compensation to Kelci.

Shona added: “It also seems completely unfair for her to pretty much get away with it while we live with the consequences.

“There should be stricter laws about housing dangerous animals – I would do anything for this to have never happened to my girl or any other child.”

News Source MirrorNews

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